5,654 sq. ft.
5 bedrooms
4 full & 1 half
3.5-car garage

Craftsmanship and character make the interior and exterior finishes outstanding.

Home Features

  • Authentic Italianate Architecture Detail
  • Abundance of Thoughtfully Placed Gathering Areas
  • Unique Ceilings
  • Porte Cochere Garage
  • Wine Cellar with Refrigerator Storing 700-plus Bottles

To view Plan Book page including floor plans (pdf) click here


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Our Partners

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Home Design
SBA Studios
(614) 562-7761

Interior Design
Instyle Interiors
(614) 402-4525

Landscape Design
Wilson Enterprises, Inc.
(614) 444-8873

Parade Home Awards

The 2013 BIA Parade of Homes has announced the award winners of this years’ Parade. There are 14 awards, including: exterior architecture, landscaping front entry gardens, landscaping rear gardens, interior design and décor, floor plan design, first interior impression, dining room, library/study, great room/family room, lower level, kitchen, owners suite, outdoor living area, and best special feature. Each award category has a Gold, Silver, and Bronze award.

Landscaping Front Entry Gardens: Bronze Award: Coppertree Homes, Wilson Enterprises, Inc

First Interior Impression: Gold Award: Coppertree Homes

Library/Study: Bronze Award: Coppertree Homes

Lower Level: Silver Award: Coppertree Homes

Owners’ Suite: Gold Award: Coppertree Homes

Coppertree also received honors from the Raymond S. Barry People's Choice Awards.

Favorite House 1 – Coppertree Homes

Favorite Interior Décor 1 – Coppertree Homes

Favorite Landscaping/Outdoor Living Space 2- Coppertree Homes